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International Center for Invincible Defense

Achieving national security and invincibility through the Science and Technology of the Unified Field


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi introduced the Transcendental Meditation program to the world nearly 50 years ago to bring enlightenment—the development of full human potential—to millions of people throughout the world. Maharishi is now offering his scientifically proven Invincible Defense Technology—a Unified Field-based approach to defense—to bring invincibility to every nation and perpetual peace to the world.

“Now every government can achieve national invincibility and secure the safety and well-being of its citizens. Such a government will naturally gain the permanent support of its people—and thereby secure its own longevity and dignity as a stable, sovereign government.” — Maharishi

An Invitation to Governments

Today, every nation is vulnerable. Even the mightiest nations are held hostage by small terrorist groups. Conventional military approaches are increasingly powerless to protect a nation against terrorist attack, against new destructive technologies, or against missiles with pinpoint accuracy.

John Hagelin

Diplomatic efforts seem equally powerless. In a world divided by deep-seated hostilities and regional tensions, negotiated settlements and ceasefires have brought temporary relief, at best. Paper treaties and discussions among representatives of warring nations are too fragile a basis for lasting peace.

How, then, can we achieve lasting peace and protect the security, stability, and well-being of every nation?

According to recent research, traditional approaches to defense fail because they do not address the underlying cause of violence and conflict: they do not relieve the acute political, ethnic, and religious tensions that fuel terrorism and conflict. We need an effective means to eliminate these deep-seated tensions—a proven approach that can safeguard a nation against violence and promote peace and prosperity in the world.

During the last 25 years, a powerful, innovative approach to peace has been extensively field tested—in the Middle East and throughout the world. The consistent result has been dramatic reductions in terrorism, war, and other social violence. These findings have been replicated, published in leading academic journals, and endorsed by hundreds of independent scientists and scholars. The efficacy of this approach is now beyond question.

These studies verify that the scientific knowledge and technologies are now available to end terrorism and conflict, to achieve indomitable national strength and security, and to create permanent world peace. By implementing these technologies, every government can rise to invincibility and secure the peace and safety of its citizens. But the time to act is now.

—John Hagelin, Ph.D.
Executive Director, International Center for Invincible Defense
Renowned quantum physicist and public policy expert

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