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International Center for Invincible Defense

Achieving national security and invincibility through the Science and Technology of the Unified Field



Conference Series Moderators

John HagelinJohn Hagelin, Ph.D.
Quantum Physicist;
Executive Director,
International Center for
Invincible Defense

Dr. Bevan MorrisDr. Bevan Morris
President, Maharishi
University of Management;
Prime Minister,
Global Country
of World Peace

Creating Peace and Invincibility

A new science and technology of peace and invincibility that defuses the acute racial, ethnic, religious, and political tensions that fuel violence and conflict

John Hagelin

John Hagelin, Ph.D.
Executive Director,
International Center for Invincible Defense

Dr. Hagelin is a world-renowned quantum physicist who has pioneered international research projects demonstrating the effectiveness of this new approach to peace.


John Davies, Ph.D.
Senior Associate,
Center for International Development and
Conflict Management University of Maryland

Dr. Davies’s groundbreaking research on the effects of peace-creating groups on war-torn regions has been published in leading, peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Reconstructing the World

A comprehensive new approach to housing and urban and nation planning that promotes the health, peace, and prosperity of the people

Eike Hartmann

Eike Hartmann
Minister of Global Reconstruction,
Global Country of World Peace

Dr. Hartmann directs building reconstruction and city and nation planning projects in more than 100 countries.

Jonathan Lipman

Jonathan Lipman, AIA
Past President of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy;
Chief Architect, Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa

Mr. Lipman has overseen the design and development of nearly $1 billion in residential and commercial Vedic architectural projects in the U.S. and worldwide.

Education for Enlightenment

An extensively field-tested new approach to education that develops the total brain and creative potential of the student to dramatically improve academic outcomes

Alarik Arenander, Ph.D.

Alarik Arenander, Ph.D.
Director, Brain Research Institute

Dr. Arenander, a leading authority on the effects of meditation on brain functioning, has conducted pioneering research at the University of California at Los Angeles, University of Wisconsin, University of Pennsylvania, and Maharishi University of Management.

George Rutherford, Ph.D.

George Rutherford, Ph.D.
Thirty-year public school principal, Washington, D.C.;
National Director, Committee for Stress-Free Schools

Dr. Rutherford advises on the implementation of Consciousness-Based educational programs in public, charter, and private schools nationwide.

A New Science of Prevention

Scientifically proven knowledge and technologies of prevention-oriented health care to prevent and cure disease, promote health, and reduce medical utilization and costs by 50 percent

Robert Schneider, M.D., F.A.C.C.

Robert Schneider, M.D., F.A.C.C.
Director of the Institute of Natural Medicine and Prevention,
Maharishi University of Management

Dr. Schneider’s Institute has received $24 million from the National Institutes of Health to investigate the effects of the Transcendental Meditation program on preventing and treating cardiovascular disease.

Producing Healthy Food for the World

A comprehensive new science of organic agriculture that produces the healthiest, most nourishing food for the people

John Fagan, Ph.D.

John Fagan, Ph.D.
Director of Agricultural Programs,
Global Country of World Peace

Dr. Fagan is a Cornell-trained molecular biologist, former researcher with the National Cancer Institute, and a renowned food-safety expert.

Eliminating Poverty

A practical new approach to eliminating poverty and raising the standard of living in the 40 poorest countries through large-scale organic agricultural projects

Dr. Benjamin Feldman

Dr. Benjamin Feldman
Minister of Finance and Planning,
Global Country of World Peace

Dr. Feldman directs the Poverty Removal Program of the Global Country of World Peace, which is dedicated to eliminating poverty by establishing large-scale organic agriculture projects in the forty poorest countries of the world.

Philanthropic Partnerships

Foundations and philanthropists partner with the Global Financial Capital of New York to improve education, health, and housing in developing countries and prevent violence and conflict in war-torn regions

David Lynch

David Lynch
Chair of the David Lynch Foundation
for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace

Mr. Lynch’s foundation has contributed millions of dollars to educational and peace programs supported by the Global Financial Capital of New York, and is committed to raising $7 billion to establish and endow seven Universities of World Peace worldwide.

Jeffrey Abramson

Jeffrey Abramson
Partner, The Tower Companies, Washington, D.C.
Partner, Abramson Family Foundation

Mr. Arbramson’s family foundation has contributed millions of dollars to educational and peace programs nationwide, and is a partner with the Lynch Foundation in fulfilling the goals of the Global Financial Capital of New York.

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